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Dr. Emenike Chijioke

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Dalhousie University

Dr. Emenike’s research interests include bioremediation of contaminated soil (heavy metals, wood chemicals, PAHs, PCBs, et. c), microplastics in agricultural and urban soils, formulation of biodegradable plastics, biomass conversion, and aquatic toxicology of pollutants. The Remediation and Residue Recovery lab uses chemical sciences and biotechnology (microbial-, Phyto- & biochemical-based) approaches for sustainable soil remediation, pollution control, and product development for soil protection.

The quest for sustainable and clean soil led to the development of a novel microbial consortium used for an 80% recovery rate in heavy metals contaminated soil and microplastic degradation in mangrove sediment.